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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Governor Vetoes Employment Arbitration Bill

I wrote recently in the Daily Journal ("Does the FAA cover your agreement?") about AB 465 (Legislative Counsel's Digest here), which would have enacted Labor Code section 925, providing, inter alia, as follows:

No person may require another person, as a condition of employment, to agree to the waiver of any legal right, penalty, forum, or procedure for any employment law violations; no person may threaten, retaliate, or discriminate against another person based on a refusal to agree to such waiver; any such waiver required as a condition of employment or continued employment is unconscionable, against public policy, and unenforceable; any waiver of a person’s employment rights must be knowing, voluntary, in writing, and expressly not made as a condition of employment.

Governor Brown vetoed AB 465 on October 11. His veto message is here.

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