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Mediation Client Comments

Steven was quite good at using his knowledge of the law to educate the defendant and even myself. He’s modest and patient. He doesn’t make threats, and he doesn’t clobber anyone over the head.

The case I was involved in I thought was going to be impossible to settle. I’ve since recommended Steven to two others, and they said the same thing – that he settled cases they did not think were possible to settle. 

Randy Renick
Partner, Hadsell, Stormer, Richardson & Renick LLP


I wanted to thank you very much for your services mediating our recent wrongful termination/age discrimination matter.  It was truly a pleasure working with such a consummate professional.  You exhibited an extraordinary amount of patience and willingness to listen, which was very beneficial to my clients. Additionally, we really appreciated your tenacity.  You clearly understood that it was advantageous to both sides to settle our case and as such, you "rolled up your sleeves," continued to wade through all of our numerous outstanding issues until they were all resolved, which then allowed us to settle the matter. 

I look forward to working with you again on another challenging matter. 

Debra Ellwood Meppen
Co-Chair, Employment Practice Group
Gordon & Rees LLP
Los AngelesCalifornia

Steve has such an expertise in the field of wage-and-hour. There is no need to educate him, and in fact, he’s often able to teach you something about the law. 

John L. Barber
Vice Chair of Employment, Labor and Workers' Compensation Department
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP
Los Angeles and Orange CountyCalifornia

In employment cases, it’s useful to have a level of empathy and connection between the mediator and the plaintiffs. Steve Pearl can ask questions and probe them without doubting them or having them feel like their human experience doesn’t matter.

We picked Steve because after speaking to other employment counsel, one thing they said was that he really dug in and was determined to get to “yes” and to put in the level of work and thoroughness that, in at least one instance, settled the case the attorneys thought was impossible to settle.

Bert Voorhes
Traber & Voorhes
Pasadena, California

Steve Pearl just settled a wage case for me. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge about wage/hour cases, class actions, and trial experience to the table. Defense counsel was hesitant to mediate, but Steve got the parties to the table to work on settling a wage case that was tricky because of the financial condition of the defendant. Steve hung in there and got the case settled. He has a practical approach and kept pushing both sides. Steve's a natural mediator and I've added him to my list of go‑to mediators for wage cases.

Jennifer Kramer, Esq.
Jennifer Kramer Legal, APC
Los AngelesCalifornia

My firm recently used Steven G. Pearl, Esq. as a mediator in a wage and hour case. Mr. Pearl is extremely knowledgeable in the area of wage an hour and has the ability of bridging the gap between the parties diverging positions. In this particular case emotions ran high; however, Mr. Pearl was able to deal with the emotions of the parties and got everyone to objectively focus on the potential exposure if the case were to proceed to trial. Mr. Pearl was able to come up with unique settlement options for the parties to consider. Mr. Pearl was not willing to give up until every option was explored and finally after a full day mediation, Mr. Pearl was able to get the parties to settle. Our firm unequivocally recommends Mr. Pearl as a mediator and we will not hesitate to use him again.

Michael Nourmand, Esq.
The Nourmand Law Firm, APC
Los AngelesCalifornia

I recently mediated a wage‑and‑hour case with Steven for a very difficult case involving a small business owner faced with a former employee's demand that could have forced her into bankruptcy for her struggling company. Steven showed incredible patience, tenacity, and creativity in getting the matter resolved, even in the face of a very scared and emotional defendant, and a determined former employee and opposing counsel. It wasn't an easy case to resolve, but he did it!

Nancy Yaffe
Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP
Los AngelesCalifornia

Steve Pearl is extremely knowledgeable about labor and employment law. His experience as an attorney and his consistent work as a mediator in this field are invaluable. He is an excellent mediator who can handle and manage very difficult and complex cases and more importantly, relate to a broad spectrum of individuals. Steve’s knowledge of the law, and, most importantly, ability to bring the parties together is truly impressive. Also, through Steve’s skill, creativity, and perseverance, we reached a successful settlement. I recommend his services to any attorney or party, regardless of the subject matter.

Alexander Gareeb
Gareeb Law Group APC
Woodland HillsCalifornia

I am a bankruptcy attorney. Recently I became involved with a wage and hour mediation, and Steve was the mediator.

I was brought on as bankruptcy counsel. My job was to communicate [defendant's financial position] to the plaintiff.

This was a case with tremendous animosity, on both sides. When I learned the facts, the feelings of the parties and how far apart they were, I thought there was no chance that the case would settle.

It took the better part of the day, but Steve orchestrated a successful mediation. I have never seen one handled so masterfully. It was truly Steve who, against all odds, brought the parties together. The other mediators that I've experienced would have failed. But Steve deeply understood the emotional components of the case and that is why the mediation was successful.

Stuart Price
Price Law Group

Steve successfully mediated an employment dispute for us and I would certainly mediate with him again. He demonstrated a firm grasp of the key issues, provided thoughtful evaluation of our case and kept both sides at the negotiating table when progress seemed unlikely. In the end, his tenacity, including considerable follow up with counsel after the mediation, helped the parties reach a resolution that made sense.

Michael G. Jacob, Esq.
Kesluk & Silverstein, P.C.
Los AngelesCalifornia

Steve's low key style and ability to communicate in Spanish, resulted in all sides agreeing to extend the mediation past the 3 hour deadline and into a second session. The case settled. For those who have already mediated with Steve this should come as no surprise, but Steve's knowledge and experience in wage and hour litigation, is very useful in a low economic damage case. Defendants often focus on the low wage loss claim and ignore the attorney fees component of a potential award. Steve can knowledgeably relate his own experiences in explaining the risk to all sides. Steve also stayed calm and focused through both sessions and telephone calls and kept the parties focused on the goal.

Renuka V. Jain
Los AngelesCalifornia

I highly recommend Steve Pearl as a litigator and mediator. Steve successfully mediated a difficult overtime case involving high emotion and a lawyer as one of the parties. My client and I went into the case thinking the possibility of settlement was slim, and we were pleasantly surprised that Steve was able to help us settle the case. Steve has the right personal touch for a mediator, likable and persuasive. His real‑world experience and subject matter expertise, particularly in employment law and wage‑hour law, will help people find the right path to settlement.

David A. Mallen
Employee Law Group
El SegundoCalifornia

Steve Pearl is an excellent mediator.  I defended a tough wage and hour case in which my client was sued by a former employee.  Steve mediated the case for us and did a top notch job.  He listened to my client and understood how difficult it was for him to resolve the case.  Steve was tenacious, and we did finally get the case resolved after a long day of negotiation. I would not hesitate to work with Steve again.

Daniel L. Warshaw
Pearson, Simon, Warshaw & Penny, LLP
Sherman Oaks, California 

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