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Monday, January 3, 2011

FLSA Developments from the FLSA Overtime Law Blog

The Overtime Law Blog ( is a great resource for FLSA updates. Andrew Frisch, who writes the blog, posted on three new cases over the weekend:
  • Martin v. PepsiAmericas, Inc. (5th Cir.): Severance Payment Not A Set-off To FLSA Damages for Unpaid Overtime;
  • Tran v. Thai (S.D.Tex. ): FLSA Does Not Impose A Duty On Employees To Mitigate Their Damages By Notifying Employers Of Their Failure To Pay Proper Overtime; and
  • McBurnie v. City of Prescott (D.Ariz.): Employee Who Resolved His Claims For Unpaid Overtime Prior To Lawsuit Entitled To Award Of Attorney’s Fees Under § 216.

Thanks to Mr. Frisch for his excellent work.

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