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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Schwarzenegger and Business Interests Fail to Roll Back Employee Protections

Last week I posted about the Schwarzenegger administration's efforts to use the budget crisis as an excuse to roll back overtime, meal and rest period laws that protect employees. The Sacramento Bee now reports that a budget deal has been reached, and that the administration and business interests failed to roll back the wage and hour laws that protect employees:
While businesses were unable to obtain rollbacks in labor provisions related to meal breaks and overtime pay, they scored victories on tax code changes. A major shift in how the state calculates each company's sales could save businesses an estimated $650 million in state taxes. Republicans also have asked for a $2,000 tax credit per each new employee hire.
This is good news for all Californians. Congratulations to those who worked very, very hard to defeat the administration's efforts.

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